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This is a list of songs that I have listened to over the years while creating Red String. Some of them I envision for specific scenes in the comic and other as general music that fits well for many scenes or characters’ emotions.

Seasons ~ by Ayumi Hamasaki ( lyrics )
If I were ever to have an ending theme song with animation, this is the song I have always pictured to play with it. Imagine a sketchy scene of a tree to the left and the seasons changing as the wind blows softly. Different couples stands beneath the tree at different times and the couples either walk off together or part from each other depending on how it went in the series. On the right there would be a rectangle showing a medium shot of different characters from the Red String cast. Yeah, I think about these things a lot.

Hesitation ~ by Megumi Hayashibara ( lyrics )
I like to listen to this song when characters are experiencing a little romantic angst, especially Reika and Eiji.

Kizuna ~ by Aya Ueto ( lyrics )
Gorgeous song with such romantic lyrics. This one I like to listen to any time while drawing Red String.

Amazing Kiss ~ by BoA ( lyrics )
Gorgeous song, always like to listen to this one during successful first kisses in the comic. It just has a lot of power to it and makes me feel like watching all my favorite shoujo anime kiss scenes.

Missing You ~ by Glay ( lyrics )
This is a heartbreaking song that I have been listening to while drawing Red String for a LONG time. I really love the bittersweet and lonely feeling in this.

Ai no Tameni ~ by Aya Ueto ( lyrics )
I like to listen to this one when I’m writing romantic scenes in the comic.

Pureness ~ by Aya Ueto ( lyrics )
There are some obvious reasons I like this song, one being it mentions “the red string” which is very fitting. The lyrics are very beautiful and romantic which appeals to me.

Till Kingdom Come ~ by Coldplay ( lyrics )
This is a song I associate with Makoto’s feelings for Miharu.

Cold ~ by Crossfade ( lyrics )
This is a song I associate with Kazuo.

Let it be me ~ by Everly Brothers
A very sweet song that I picture any time a character is aching for the one they love to notice their feelings.

EVERGREEN ~ by Hyde ( lyrics )
Always makes me melancholy when I listen to this one and feels best for sad scenes of lovers parted.

Cross My Heart ~ by Martika
This is such a fun, upbeat song that I picture with the girls of Red String feeling strongly about their crushes.

Lovesong ~ by The Cure ( lyrics )
I love the original version of this song by The Cure. It’s an obvious choice for a series that is so focused on romance. I can never get enough of it when drawing Red String.

Hello Mary Lou ~ by Ricky Nelson
I heard this one, immediately pictured the name “Miharu” replacing “Mary Lou” in my head and was just tickled by it. It’s a very cute song that I picture for Makoto thinking of Miharu. Listen to it and do the same thing. I guarantee you giggle inside.

What About Love ~ by Heart
Can you tell I grew up in the 80s? Yeah, so this is one that I like to listen to as well.

An Honest Mistake ~ by The Bravery
This is one I think of when characters mess up, either romantically or are in a bad position with people they care about.

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